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Farm Tractor Industrial Truck Home Car Using Wheel Hub Making Machine Coiler Machines Making In China

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Farm Tractor Industrial Truck Home Car Using Wheel Hub Making Machine Coiler Machines

Making In China


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The coiling unit is composed of four parts: feeding, marking, coiling and flattening. The feeder is used for manual feeding or automatic feeding of single sheets. The coding machine is used to press the required marks on the rim sheet blank, such as the rim specification, model, manufacturer, production date, and so on. The ring machine is used to automatically roll the cut-to-length rim sheet into a round shape.


Setp1: Feeding




Step2: Marking




Step3: Coiling




Step4: Flattening






1. It adopts a horizontal structure, chain drive, handwheel adjustment, convenient operation, and easy maintenance.
2. The prefix of the coding machine can be quickly replaced as needed.
3. An automatic unloading platform can be designed at the discharge end, which is conducive to the automatic transmission of workpieces.
4. The integrated design of coding and circle functions saves space and manpower.
5. The main shaft adopts NSK brand high-performance bearings, which are durable.
6. The electrical control system of well-known brands such as Schneider is adopted, which is safe and reliable.
7. The rounding machine used on the passenger car line has the function of a flattening weld joint, which can be directly transferred to the butt welding process after rounding.

Technical Data


Application Passenger Car Rim Line Commercial Vehicle Rim Line Agricultural Vehicle Rim Line
Main Machine Spec QYJ-600 QYJ-800 QYJ-1500
Rim Diameter Range 13inch to 17inch 17.5inch to 26inch 20inch to 54inch
Rim Band Thickness ≤4mm ≤8mm ≤8mm
Rim Bandwidth 3inch to 10inch 5.5inch to 16inch 7inch to 28inch
Input Total Power 11.5kw 16.5KW 16.5
Power Supply AC 380V/3phase/50Hz Can be customized






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