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Automatic CO2 Gas Shielding Welder

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Automatic CO2 Gas Shielding Welder

1. Application


The equipment is mainly suitable for automatic welding of U-shaped ribs of large truck scales and U-shaped ribs of lower bridges. The automatic weighing machine for truck scales adopts the gantry frame running mechanism, and the six welding guns can work at the same time to realize the simultaneous welding of six welds. The structure is reasonable, with simple operation and high level automation..

2. Main technical parameters

2.1 Device Parameters

√ Running Speed:                            200~3000mm/min

√ Running Gauge:                            4500mm

√ Welding Gun Lifting Cylinder Route:             500mm

√ Welding Gun Tracing Cylinder Route:            50mm

√ Welding Gun Spacing Range:                   150~320mm

√ Welding Gun Fine Tuning Up and Down Route:   ±50mm

√ Welding Gun Fine Tuning Left and Right Route:   ±50mm

√ Air Pressure:                               0.6~0.8MPa

2.2 Working Parameters

√Workpiece Length:                           ≤7000mm

√ Workpiece Width :                          2500~3400mm

√U-beam Thickness:                          4~8mm

√Panel Thickness:                            8~14mm

√U-beam Height:                            200~320mm

√U-beam Opening Width:                     250~300mm

√Workpiece Trough Width:                    ≥140mm

2.3 Welding Parameters

√Welding Power Supply:                      NBC-500

√Welding Electric Current:                    0~500A

√Welding Voltage:                           0~40V

√ Welding Wire Diameters:                   Φ0.8~Φ1.6mm

√Gas Shield:                           COGas Shielded welding

3. Equipment composition and characteristics

The main control components of this equipment are well-known brands. The whole system adopts digital control with the following characteristics:

√Convenient Human-machine Dialogue Function

It adopts high sensitivity and high resolution touch screen, full Chinese menu.

Head selection, welder selection, head lift and clamping, and welding speed display can all be easily done on the touch screen, which is intuitive and convenient, easy to learn and use.

√ High Degree of Automation

All systems and welding parameters are controlled by PLC。As long as the parameters are placed and the corresponding head is selected, the system will automatically complete the welding process.

√Strong Welding Process Control

By controlling the reaction time of each action to obtain a stable welding process, good arcing, arcing resumption specifications and stable solder joints.

The welding machine consists of four parts: mechanical body, electrical control system, pneumatic system and welding system. The device adopts a gantry structure, the workpiece is fixed, and the welding is carried out through the gantry. Before welding, the workpiece is spot welded to prevent the workpiece from being misaligned during the welding process. There are about 150mm blind spots at both ends of the weld, which need to be welded by hand.


3.1 Mechanical part               

This equipment is mainly made of gantry welding cart as well as horizontal welding fixture

3.1.1 Gantry Welding Cart

The gantry type welding cart is an actuator that carries the welding part to carry out various movements. The cart is driven by a double-conversion geared motor and frequency control. There is a platform on the welding cart, the welding machine and the control system are fixed on the platform, the beam is in front of the platform, the beam is equipped with precision guide rails, and the horizontal welding fixture can be manually moved on the beam.

3.1.2 Horizontal Welding Fixture

There are 3 sets of fixtures on the platform beam. Each set can be moved separately on the beam. Each set of welding fixtures moves smoothly on the beam guides through the sliders on the slides.

Each set of welding fixtures has 2 welding guns. Each welding gun equips with an independent mechanical two-dimensional weld tracing device. The height tracking uses the lifting cylinder compensation method to keep the height of the welding gun and the bottom plate relatively unchanged.

The horizontal tracking adopts the horizontal cylinder tensioning mode, and the horizontal tracking ball and the welding gun are kept in the same horizontal plane. The entire torch is lifted and moved using cylinders. The distance between the two welding guns can be adjusted to adjust the position of the hole on the cylinder rod to adapt to different specifications of U-shaped ribs. The welding torch is equipped with a cross manual fine adjustment mechanism. When the welding wire in the welding gun is not in the position of the welding seam, it can be adjusted by the fine adjustment mechanism.

When the transverse welding gun fixture is in the adjustment process, the lateral welding fixture is manually pushed, and the lateral welding fixture moves smoothly on the beam and stops when moving to the desired position.

When we welded U-shaped ribs of different standards, the pins can be fixed by adjusting the position of the connecting holes on the transverse cylinder connecting rods and adjusting them to a reasonable position.
The vertical tracking mechanism contacts the workpiece through the vertical tracking wheel, and the vertical tracking wheel is reflected on the vertical tracking mechanism, and reacts to the lifting cylinder through the reaction force of the workpiece and the vertical tracking wheel. The cylinder always contacts the vertical tracking wheel on the workpiece through the air pressure.

The horizontal tracking mechanism, the tracking contact is a universal ball, which contacts the workpiece through the horizontal tracking ball. The horizontal tracking wheel is reflected to the horizontal tracking mechanism, and the horizontal tracking is the cylinder tension adjustment tracking. The speed of the cylinder pressure can be adjusted by changing one-way speed regulating throttle on tracking the cylinder.

The cross fine adjustment mechanism, when the welding torch is tightened to be welded, if the position of the welding gun is not suitable, it can be adjusted by the fine adjustment mechanism, and the route of the fine adjustment mechanism is ±50 mm.

The angle of the welding gun is adjusted by loosening the nut on the welding gun connecting plate and rotating the welding torch holder to change the angular position of the welding torch. The angle attitude of the welding gun can be changed by rotating the welding gun.

3.2 Electrical Control Section

The electrical control part consists of an electrical control cabinet, a button station, a small power distribution cabinet and corresponding supporting cables.

The electrical control cabinet is mainly composed of PLC, breaker, switching power supply, contactor and inverter. The PLC controls the welding machine and 6 welding machines to weld. The button station mainly completes welding parameter setting and welding process control. The system has the following characteristics:


3.2.1 Travel Motor Model Selection

2 sets main frame walking variable frequency drive motor

Motor Model Selection:3 phrase Ac asnchronous 380V/550W

Inverter:  Mitsubishi FR-E700-1.5K-CHT

Control Mode:Frequency Control

3.2.2 Welding Gun Clamping Cylinder Selection

Cylinder Selection:Cylinder SC-50×50-B

Two-position Five-path Solenoid Valve 4V210-08-B

Control Mode:PLC

3.2.3 Welding Gun Lifting Cylinder Selection

Cylinder Selection: SC-50×500

Three-position Five-path Solenoid Valve 4V230-08-B

Control Mode:PLC

3.2.4 Selection of Main Electrical Components


Inverter:Mitsubishi FR-E700-1.5K-CHT

Touch Screen:

3.2.5 PLC Control System

The main control system adopts PC1H series PLC of Omron Company. This PLC system with fast processing speed and stable performance, and the overall performance index is at the international leading level. The electrical composition and control principle of the control system can be found in the electrical schematic.3.3 Pneumatic System

Pneumatic components solenoid valve adopts the internationally renowned brand -Yadeke, and others are China’s famous brands. Regarding the specific models of each name, please refer to the pneumatic schematic.

3.4 Welding Power Supply

The welding power supply adopts NBC-500 produced by Macdo Company, and the power source is IGBT inverter type power supply. More details,  please refer to the instruction manual.

The Panasonic interface wire feeder is used for reasonable installation and easy operation, the wire feeder is directly controlled by the welder.

The welding torch adopts a special curved handle automatic gas shielded welding torch

4. Welding Technology

4.1 Reference Specifications


Parameter Name

Welding Parameter

Plate Thickness


Welding Current(A)


Welding Voltage(V)


Welding Speed(mm/min)


Gas Flow(L/min)


Protective Gas:CO2 Gas Shielding Welding

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