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CNC Angle Steel Drilling and Marking Machine

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HADM2532  series High Speed CNC Drilling Marking Machine For Angle Steel Line


The machine is the special equipment used for angle steel drilling & marking mainly in the field of angle steel tower industry.

Product Feature:
1. This processing line is composed of transverse conveyor, overturn conveyor, infeed conveyor, CNC infeed carriage, two sets of drilling units, one set of marking unit, automatic unload conveyor and corresponding hydraulic station, electric cooling system.

Adopt CNC technology, servo motor in feeding, with high efficiency, stable work piece precision.

2. There is one set of drilling unit on each side. Every drilling unit can be installed with three drills of different dimensions. The drilling unit can realize the CNC movement holistically for change of drilling stadia, therefore to ensure the accuracy of holes.

3. Rotation speeds of all spindles are stepless adjustment realized by transducer, and feeding speeds are also stepless adjustment realized by speed regulating valves. Transform of the rapid feeding, work feeding, and rapid withdrawing of spindles all are finished automatically.

4. One marking unit in the drilling line. Marking stadia can be preset conveniently. Marking, clamping of the workpiece and infeed of the drilling are driven by the hydraulic system. Main components are imported. Circulate cooling system is applied so as to prolong the life of drills.

5. All marking and drilling in automatic completeness, all finished angles can be unloaded by pneumatic turnover device so as to lighten the working strength of workers with well advantages than other manufacturers.

6. The control system consists of the host computer, servo motor, PLC, external monitoring switch, etc. Just input the dimension of the workpiece, the processing program will be generated automatically. Besides, the program can be saved, selected, displayed and communicated as per the workpiece No.

7. The machining line installs supporting & pressing device to meet the requirements of processing angles with bigger bending.




Angle size( mm)



Max.length of raw material(m)


Marking force(kN)


Marking unit type

Close type

Qty.of character group


Qty.of character


Character size(mm)


Back marking (mm)



Qty.of drill on each side


Max.drilling diameter(mm)


Taper of drilling spindle


Max.spindle rotation speed(r/min)


Max.moving speed (m/min)


Max.moving speed of slipway of drilling head


Max.feeding speed of drilling head


Qty.of CNC axes


Overall dimension (m)

About 30*7.5*3

About 33.3*8.9*3

Machine weight

About 30000

About 34000

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