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Embrace Hoop Hold Punching Machine

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Embrace Hoop Hold Punching Machine



This machine mainly used for the automatic pressing of the holt hoop iron, which used widely as the connection parts in electrical power transmission and communication industries.


The hoop iron pressing machine have independent hydraulic unit and electrical CNC system, realized the complete automatic process including blank material parts taking- feeding,-pressing-finished parts push out. Release the worker’s fussy manual work, not only enhance the efficiency and quality, and also resolved the problem of easy hurting people by traditional pressing, to assure the safety of the workers.


The whole machine make up of six parts: material carriage, material taking device, material pusher, pressing unit, hydraulic -pneumatic station, electrical control part.

1. Material Carriage

  The material carriage is for the storage of the material, including the parts of guide rail, baseboard, wheels, material retaining rack, dividing rule, air cylinder etc. This pressing machine equipped with two material carriage, when one carriage in working, the other one is loading the materials to make sure the material feeding continuously.

2. Material taking device

 The material taking device suck the material up and loading the single piece steel. It make up of the air cylinder, sucker and magnetic adjusting device.

3. Material Pusher

  The material push device will push the material into the mould, and push the finished products out of the mould. It make up of the pushing cylinder, material taking plate, material taking column, and material pushing column etc.

4. Pressing Unit

The Pressing units mainly press the blank material to finished product, including the main oil cylinder, moving beam, guiding column, pressing mould etc. Just change the different mould for different parts.

5. Hydraulic-pneumatic Station

Hydraulic-pneumatic part is the power resource of the machine. The oil cylinder adopts variable piston type, can realize the low pressure fast running, high pressure slow running. The mainly spare parts adopts china famous brand name.

6. The electrical control part

The whole machine controlled by PLC control system, with steady running,strong ability for anti-disturbance. The programme easy modified, operated by knobs, running more steady and low failure rate.



Specification unit BG80 BG100 BG120
1 Arc Hoop Iron size  Range mm ¢120–¢400 ¢120–¢500 ¢120–¢500
2 Blank max. Size mm 800*80*8 1000*100*10 1200*120*10
3 Blank Min, Size mm 260*40*4 260*40*4 260*40*4
4 Press Force         KN 200 300 400
5 Press Frequency pcs/min 15-25 10-20 10-20
6 Max. Pressure of hydraulic system Mpa 25 25 25
7 Pressure of pneumatic system Mpa 0.4 0.4 0.4
  8     Overall Size   m L 4.5 L 4 L 4.5
W 4.5 W 4 W 4.5
H 2.3 H 2 H 2.3
9 Hydraulic-pneumatic station Kw 15   11 15
10 Net Weight Kg 2400 1700 2400

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