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Fast speed CNC Punching, Marking, Shearing line for flat bar and U channels

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BP1410D Flat Steel CNC Punching, Marking, Shearing line 

This production line mainly used for punching, marking and shearing for the flat steel, and punching for channel steel, so also can be called combined line for flat steel and channel steel. It’s professional equipment used widely for punching, marking, and shearing for flat steel in electrical iron accessories industry.


1. Adopts servo motor feeding system with high efficiency and steady high precision

2. The key parts of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic are international famous brand to assure the high and steady quality

3.The key cable (rotary coder cable, PLC cable etc.)imported from Germany , will not cause the accuracy error because of the signal interference.

4. Simple program, easy operation, the user only need to input the parts size, hole diameter, stadia, parts number. Or can transform from CAD/CAM

5. The computer display by many language for easy operation, can display the parts drawing

6. Fully automatic process of marking, punching and shearing

7. Have the self-diagnostic function

8. Marking fast

9. Single blade shear for straight parts, double blades shear for arc parts

The whole line including: horizontal loading, in-feed channel, CNC in-feed cart, punching unit, marking unit, shearing unit, output channel, hydraulic station, control cabinet, pneumatic system etc.

Technical Specification:

Model BP1410D
Function Punching, Marking, Shearing for Flat bar, punching for channel plate
Workpiece Thickness(mm) 3-10mm
Max. Punching Diameter Round hole Φ26, slot hole Φ22×50
Punching Force (KN) 800
Marking Force(KN) 700
Shearing Force(KN) 800
Max. Length of flat steel (m) 6m(can be customized)
Width range of flat steel 40~140mm
Punching Dies Number on Each Side 3
Marking Position 4
Shearing Position 1(Straight and Arc shearing can be replaced )
Marking Size 14×10×19mm
Marking characters No. 12
CNC Axis number 3
Shearing Mode Single blade for straight position, double blades for arc position
In-feed channel length 10m
In-feed mode CNC carriage + linear type guide
Feeding speed 50-80m/min.
Programming AUTO CAD OR Sample software
Precision According to international standard

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