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Advantages Of CNC Angle Steel Punching Line

The numerical control system used in Ritec CNC angle steel punching production line not only realizes numerical control in the longitudinal direction of the angle steel to ensure the spacing of the punching holes, but also adopts numerical control on the two wings of the angle steel, thus realizing the multi-standard distance punching of the two wings of the angle steel.

The worktable adopts the forging process and is processed with high hardness, which effectively prolongs the service life of the equipment and the reliability of operation. The punching unit adopts three sets of cylinder automatic and quick mold changing device, which can automatically realize the processing of three different hole diameters on the same workpiece in one feeding.

The production line includes a shearing unit, and there are two cutting methods of double-edged and single-edged for users to choose. In the design, in order to obtain better cutting surface quality, the gap between the single-edge and double-edge cutting tools can be adjusted according to the thickness of the angle steel, which improves the cutting quality and prolongs the tool life.

It adopts Ritec’s latest self-developed computer control software with complete functions, which is convenient for programming and management as well as fault diagnosis.

The CNC angle punching marking and shearing line realizes punching of various varieties and apertures. It basically meets the processing requirements of angle steel with a wing width of less than 200mm required by various iron towers. Compared with the traditional manual angle steel processing technology, the use of CNC iron tower processing equipment can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, shorten auxiliary work time, and improve overall work efficiency. and machining accuracy.

The control software monitors the operation of the machine at any time. When a fault occurs, the screen will display the detailed fault cause and treatment method. Make fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance more convenient and fast, and greatly save maintenance downtime.

It realizes the requirements of networking between production equipment and ERP, improves the operation efficiency of the equipment, strengthens the management and control ability of the equipment, and can increase or decrease different functions according to the management status of the user’s factory.

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Post time: Aug-11-2022