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CNC Angle Punching Machine Analysis

How to identify the technical level of the angle steel production line under many reference levels, let us help you learn how to distinguish it by analyzing the Ritec CNC angle punching line!

1. The numerical control system adopted by Ritec CNC angle steel production line ensures the spacing of the punching holes during the longitudinal processing of the angle steel. In addition, the two wings of the CNC angle steel production line also use numerical control to realize the multi-standard distance punching of the two wings of the angle steel.

2. The worktable is made of advanced forging process and processed with high hardness, which can effectively prolong the safe service life and operation reliability of the angle steel production line equipment.

3. The advanced three-group cylinder automatic and quick mold changing device is used, which can effectively increase the rate and can realize the processing of three different apertures on the same workpiece by one feeding of the plane drilling machine.

4. The Ritec CNC angle punching marking shearing line includes a shearing unit, and there are two cutting methods of single-edged and double-edged for users to choose freely. In the design, in order to obtain better cutting surface quality, the gap between the single-edge and double-edge cutting tools can be adjusted according to the thickness of the angle steel, which can effectively improve the cutting quality and effectively prolong the service life of the tool.

5. The remote control software independently developed by the current enterprise is adopted, and it contains complete functions, which can effectively improve the programming speed, management and fault diagnosis functions of the machine.

6. It can realize punching of various varieties and apertures. It can meet the processing requirements of angle steel with a wing width of less than 200mm required by various iron towers. Compared with the traditional processing technology, the plane drilling machine can greatly reduce the daily labor intensity of workers, greatly shorten the auxiliary work time, and improve the overall work efficiency. and machining accuracy.

7. The Ritec CNC angle steel punching machine control software monitors the operation of the machine at any time. When a fault occurs, the detailed fault cause and treatment method will be displayed on the screen of the flat drilling machine, which makes fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance more convenient and quick, and greatly saves maintenance downtime.

Post time: Aug-23-2022