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CNC Angle Steel Production Line Processing Process Overview

CNC Angle steel production line is called CNC Angle steel punching marking cutting line, widely used in power transmission and communication industries of Angle steel tower production. At the same time, the equipment can also be used for Angle steel bracket, solar support, steel structure building, glass curtain wall, bridge engineering and other Angle steel components processing production, can automatically complete the blank Angle steel marking, punching, cutting function, high production efficiency, workpiece precision stability, is the relevant processing and manufacturing industry indispensable efficient production equipment.

The Angle iron punching machine consists of blank material rack, feeding device, blank material channel, feeding trolley, typing unit, punching host, shearing unit, finished material channel, turning device and so on.

Blank rack is used to put blank Angle steel to be processed. When using equipment for production, the bale (stack) Angle steel can be placed directly in the blank rack first, and the processing is no longer necessary to manually lift and carry, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers.

The feeding device is used to transfer the Angle steel to be processed on the blank material rack to the blank material channel through the sprocket and chain, which replaces manual handling, reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the work efficiency.

The blank feed channel is used to carry the Angle steel to be processed and transported to the processing unit.

The cnc angle punching cutting machine feeding car is controlled by servo motor, and according to the pre-programmed program, the blank Angle steel is transported to the processing unit, and the workpiece is driven to realize CNC feeding.

 CNC Angle line marking, punching and shearing unit processing part of equipment, printing unit used for Angle steel needed to print Numbers and letters, the punching unit can be programmed in advance in a specific location blank Angle punching processing, automatic shearing unit in accordance with the requirements will be blank Angle shear into required length, resulting in the finished product artifacts.

 The FINISHED PRODUCT MATERIAL PASSAGE IS USED TO TRANSPORT THE FINISHED PRODUCT workpiece to a specific position and automatically place it into a stack, which is easy to lift and transport, eliminating the manual stacking process and improving the production efficiency.

Post time: Oct-27-2022