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Specifications for the Use of Roll-Forming Machines

In the process of using mechanical equipment, employees need to learn some things in the process of operating the roll-forming machine or other types of mechanical equipment, so as to better ensure the effectiveness of the equipment.So, what do employees need to know during the use of the roll forming machine? Jinan Ritec Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. warmly reminds you of the things you need to pay attention to during the use.

First of all, employees should be familiar with the safe operation procedures during the operation of the roll-forming machine. They need to be very familiar with the structure, performance and operation methods of the forming machine, and know how to properly use the assist parts.

Secondly, during the operation of the roll-forming machine, employees must be able to correctly implement the equipment maintenance and lubrication regulations, clean the equipment regularly and timely, and often keep the inside and outside of the equipment clean and the parts and accessories intact.

Then, when using the roller-forming machine, employees also need to know some of the easy-to-wear parts of the forming machine, master the inspection items, standards and methods, and conduct daily inspections on the forming machine in accordance with relevant regulations.

Finally, in addition to the above-mentioned aspects, employees need to be familiar with the operating characteristics of the forming-machine in the process of  using the roll-forming machine, be able to identify abnormalities in the equipment, and be able to make general adjustments and eliminate simple faults.

Post time: May-14-2021