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The Advantages of CNC Drilling Machine

The wide application of CNC drilling machines has also improved the production efficiency a lot. Due to the different sizes of processing parts, the drilling machine needs to modify the strokes of the X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis. How to modify the itinerary? What are the operating characteristics of the  drilling machine? This is what the engineering technology considers when making the 3D drawing of the model, and it can be modified and customized within a certain range and effective itinerary.
Each coordinate movement is driven by servo motor, which is easy to operate, flexible and stable in precision. The servo motor combined with the control of the CNC numerical control system greatly improves the work efficiency.
The basic layout is: the sliding seat runs through the whole length of the bed, the single side is open, the structure is simple and convenient, and it is suitable for the processing and production of long workpieces. The effective stroke of the X-axis is changed by the slide rail screw, and the Z-axis is determined by the height of the Z-axis seat.
The column on the sliding seat adopts the same cylindrical column as the ordinary radial arm drilling machine. The rocker arm can be lifted up and down, which is convenient for the processing of workpieces of different heights. After the programming is successfully set, operate according to the set parameters.
The bed body is a casting structure, which can be lengthened in multiple sections. Users can choose or customize it. For workpieces with different weighing ranges, the machine base is modified. Therefore, our machine tools are different in size and weighing. 

As mentioned above, the X-axis uses the slide rail screw to modify the effective stroke, and the X-axis moves left and right to perform the drilling operation. The slide rail screw imported from Taiwan, China is durable, has good wear resistance, and has a prolonged service life. It also ensures the accuracy of the workpiece drilling on the X axis.
Adopt numerical control system, AC servo and servo high-speed electric, high reliability, safety and durability.

Post time: Nov-01-2022