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The Difference Between Mechanical CNC Turret Punch And Hydraulic CNC Turret Punch

CNC turret punch presses are constantly improving in the machinery and equipment industry. What is the difference between mechanical turret punch presses and hydraulic CNC turret punch presses? You can refer to the following comparisons to choose the right equipment for you.

1.Hydraulic CNC turret punch, the punching frequency is about 700-1200 times/min, among which,Nominal force stroke seriously affects the stroke times. When the stroke is 4mm, the stroke times can reach up to 300 times/min.Mechanical punch, the punching frequency is about 170-260 times/min, the punching frequency is constant, Regardless of the stroke, the up and down stroke can reach about 40mm.

2. Function

Hydraulic punching machine can realize complex functions such as bead rolling, rolling cutting and wire drawing. high cost Mechanical punching machine, then this function cannot be realized, only progress, punching, shutters,Ordinary stamping such as stretching and embossing, the cost is relatively low

3. Stroke pressure

Hydraulic turret punch, after punching, will still maintain a pressure of 25-30 tons, There will be inertia, which is not good for the fuselage

Mechanical punch, after punching is completed, there is no punching force, and there is no loss to the fuselage

4. Energy consumption

Hydraulic cnc turret punch presses need to change the hydraulic oil every half a year to keep the machine working normally.The replacement weight is about 250 kg, a The electricity can reach about 11 kilowatts, Mechanical punch presses, without the need for hydraulic oil replacement, consume 4-5.5 kilowatts of electricity per day,It is half of the hydraulic punch.

5. Temperature requirements

Hydraulic turret punches also have strict temperature requirements. The normal working temperature is -5~70℃, in winter, Assuming that it is necessary to take heating or cooling measures, For example, the workshop is equipped with heating, air conditioning, fans, etc.

Mechanical CNC punching machine has no requirement for temperature, it is common in the south and north, and it is widely used.

6. Processing blind spot

Hydraulic punches have blind spots for processing, and the clamp parts and both sides of the plate may not be able to Progress stamping.

Mechanical punch, no blind spot for sheet metal processing. The operation is simple and easy to understand, convenient and quick.

7. Price

Hydraulic turret punch presses are not only priced from millions to tens of millions, but also the maintenance cost of the machine can be Up to 10,000 yuan per year, maintenance is inconvenient

Mechanical punch, the general price is about hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands, and the maintenance cost is low in the later period. Easy to maintain

Post time: Aug-16-2022