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What are The Components of CNC Gantry Drilling Machine

The CNC drilling and milling machine body is composed of a machine base, a frame support frame and a movable support bar, all of which are welded by steel plates, and the stress is removed after aging treatment. Combination installation, fixed by butterfly screws, tightening the butterfly screws to adjust the distance between the movable brackets to meet the support of the workpiece.

The processing area of the drilling machine is spacious. There are four processing areas on the left and right. You can drill while loading and unloading workpieces, and at the same time, you can program the drilling processing files. There are twelve fast and displaceable automatic hydraulic clamps around the worktable. Clamping single or overlapping clamping multiple steel plates. On the left and right sides of the machine base, a linear rolling guide rail pair with high bearing capacity is used for guiding the left and right brackets of the moving gantry. The left side of the machine base is equipped with a set of AC servo motors, synchronous pulleys, The drive mechanism composed of the ball screw is used for the longitudinal movement of the gantry. A set of hydraulic locking blocks is installed on the right side of the machine base to lock the gantry when drilling, reducing the force on the guide rail slider and the ball screw pair.

Ensure positioning accuracy and repeat positioning accuracy. 

1. The drilling system consists of a mobile gantry and a supporting system:

Mobile gantry

Because the machine base is fixed and the gantry moves, the equipment occupies a small area. The movable gantry is made of steel plates, and after artificial aging treatment, two linear rolling guides and a hydraulic power head are installed on the front side of the gantry. A set of precision ball screws is installed above the gantry. The ball screw nut is connected and fixed with the back plate of the hydraulic power head through the fixing box. The AC servo motor drives the ball screw nut to rotate through the synchronous pulley, so that the hydraulic power head moves along the Y-axis direction to ensure High precision and repeatability of drilling positions. A guide rail flexible protective cover is installed on both sides of the power head.

High speed CNC plane drilling machine support system

The support system consists of left and right brackets, and the mobile gantry is installed on the left and right brackets, which is a right-angle bent plate welded steel structure. A ball screw nut seat is installed on the vertical surface of the left and right brackets. The ball screw nut in the ball screw nut seat is connected with the ball screw on the side of the bed, and the end of the ball screw is connected with the AC servo motor. When the bed When the AC servo motor on the side of the body rotates, it drives the ball nut to move axially (X direction) on the ball screw, and the left and right brackets move on the guide rail.

2. The processing area and the stroke of the power head:

 The electrical system of this machine tool adopts PLC + upper computer to control the whole process. It can realize the window of man-machine dialogue, workpiece program storage, and dynamic monitoring of machine tool operation. It adopts all-digital AC servo motor as the point control of X and Y axes, and adopts digital inverter to realize the stepless speed regulation automatic control of the spindle motor. to accommodate drills of different diameters.

The CNC plane drilling machine can be connected to the local area network. The software has a Chinese and English interface, menu-type input, and operation with keyboard and mouse. It is convenient and practical, and has good flexibility. It can make the input of workpiece programs that are quite cumbersome for many CNC systems intuitive. , convenient, and can store a large number of workpiece programs at the same time, which can be called and processed at any time. Its unique monitoring screen can intuitively observe and correct the running status of the machine tool, such as spindle speed, feed amount, position display, fault alarm, etc. 

Post time: Aug-25-2022