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Why Choose CNC Plane Drilling Machine For Plate Drilling

The drilling power head of the CNC plane drilling machine is the core component of the drilling machine. The drilling power head integrates the feed motion and the main motion. At present, most of the drilling power heads rely on the hydraulic sliding table to realize the feeding. The structure of the power head is complicated. With the development and application of the steel structure industry, the drilling power head of the CNC plane drilling machine is an ideal component for processing the connection holes of the steel structure.

With the expansion of the machinery industry and the progress of science and technology, especially the emergence of computers and the development of numerical control technology, my country’s machinery manufacturing industry is developing towards high precision, high efficiency and high intelligence.

1. High precision

The machine tool is designed for the processing of the steel structure industry and is controlled by a computer. During drilling, its key hole location is controlled by microcomputer for automatic, accurate and rapid positioning. Its high-speed and accurate positioning cannot be achieved manually, and at the same time, it avoids the possibility of reverse repair or scrapping of the workpiece due to errors in manual positioning and drilling.

2. High efficiency

The CNC gantry drilling machine is controlled by a microcomputer, automatically positioning according to the program, and automatically adjusts the optimal drilling feed and rotation speed according to different apertures. Manually only need to go up and down the workpiece, which reduces the marking and positioning during manual drilling. , The drilling speed of auxiliary drilling personnel is more than 4 times that of manual drilling; it can be processed continuously without the need to stop the machine when loading and unloading the workpiece; the 100% pass rate saves the possibility of manual drilling. of rework hours.

3. High intelligence

The CNC 2016 plane drilling machine has made a more prominent design in man-machine communication, that is, traditional programming, so that the user’s operation is very simple and fast, and those who do not have computer operation experience can also complete the programming in a very short time; the program is short, usually Only 2-3 instructions are required; users do not need to deal with some parameters of the machine tool; at the same time, it has self-checking, which can complete all work automatically.

4. Cost-effective

Because the machine tool of the CNC plate drilling machine adopts the computer numerical control system device, it has the advantages of high precision and high efficiency. It is only designed for the characteristics and precision requirements of steel structure processing, so the superiority makes this machine tool have a high performance-price ratio.

Post time: Aug-18-2022