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Suspension Clamp

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Hanging metal fittings, also known as supporting metal fittings or suspension clamp. This type of fitting is mainly used to suspend the wire insulator string (used for linear towers) and the suspension jumper on the insulator string.







1.optimum stress distribution: Due to the protection of the pre-twisted wire, the overhanging wire clamp firmly holds the wire so that the wire clamp can withstand higherunbalanced loads, avoiding the slippage of the wire and greatly protecting the wire. Its wear is reduced to a minimum.

2.Anti-aging and loosening: The retaining line of the suspension clamp is made of special aluminum alloy wire, which has good corrosion resistance and anti-loose performance.The rubber pad is made of special rubber and has excellent UV resistance, anti-oxygen ability and resistance.

3.Optimum electrical performance: special shape design and high quality materials can reduce electromagnetic losses and eliminate corona.


The clamp body,keepers and socket-clevis are malleable iron,the closed-pine is stainless steel.The other parts are hot-dip galvanized steel.


Suspension Clamp

Suspension Clamp       Suspension Clamp






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