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The power fittings are all kinds of devices connectedand combined in the power system,which are metal accessories that transmit mechanical load,electrical load and some protective functions.










According to the main performance and use of the fittings, the fittings can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1)Hanging metal fittings, also known as supporting metal fittings or hanging clamps. This type of fitting is mainly used to suspend the wire insulator string (used for linear towers) and the suspension jumper on the insulator string.

2)Anchoring hardware, also known as fastening fittings or wire clamps. The fitting is mainly used for fastening the terminal of the wire to be fixed on the wire-resistant insulator string, and is also used for fixing the lightning-proof terminal and anchoring the cable. The anchoring hardware bears all the tension of the wire and the lightning protection wire, and some anchoring hardware becomes the electrical conductor.

3)Connecting the fittings, also known as hanging wire parts. This fitting is used to connect insulators into strings and to connect the fittings to the fittings. It is subjected to mechanical loads.

4)Connecting the fittings. This kind of fitting is designed to connect various bare wires and lightning protection lines. Continue to bear the same electrical load as the wire, most of the connecting fixtures bear the full tension of the wire or lightning conductor.

5)Protective fittings. This kind of fitting is used to protect wires, insulators, etc., such as a pressure equalizing ring for protecting insulators, a weight for pulling up insulator strings, and an anti-vibration hammer and guard wire for preventing wire vibration.

6)Contact with the fittings. The fitting is used for connecting the hard busbar, the soft busbar to the outlet terminal of the electrical equipment, the T connection of the conductor and the parallel connection of the unsupported force, and these connections are electrical contacts. Therefore, high electrical conductivity and contact stability of the contact fitting are required.

7)Fixed metal fittings, also known as power plant fittings or high current busbar fittings. The metal fittings are used for fixing and connecting various hard busbars or soft busbars and post insulators in the power distribution device, and most of the fixed gold fittings are not used as electric conductors, and only serve to fix, support and suspend. However, since these fittings are used for large currents, all components should have no hysteresis loss.


Most of the metal fittings need to withstand large pulling forces during operation, and some also need to ensure good electrical contact. It is related to the safety of the wires or towers. Even if one is damaged, it may cause line faults. Therefore, the quality, proper use and installation of the fittings have a certain impact on the safe transmission of the line. Therefore, the company will scientifically design the fitting structure according to the customer’s specific use environment (such as tower distance, sag requirement and allowable tension of the drape point, communication capacity, short-circuit current, etc.), and the structure can also be specified by the user.  





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